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10 Reasons to Live the “Knerd” Life: A Product Intern’s Take

Posted in Knerds on August 4, 2011 by

Aaron Tobias

Aaron Tobias, one of our awesome summer interns, has been hard at work for the past few months. “As an intern on the product team, I’m expected to gain a full understanding of the products I’m working on and the users for whom those products are created,” says Aaron. “I’m a major advocate for the user in the product development process, while simultaneously understanding and balancing the needs of international and external stakeholders.”

A Computer Science and Information Technology & Web Science dual major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Aaron has been applying his many skills to our Math Readiness product, assessing, prototyping and modifying code as well as taking on tasks related to human computer interaction and product reporting.

Aaron also found the time in his busy schedule to put together this awesome tribute to the Knewton lifestyle.

10 Reasons To Live the “Knerd” Life

by Aaron Tobias

1. No dress code

While the corporate employees are sweating through their skulls wearing a suit and tie, you will be off to Knewton clad in polo shirts, shorts, and sandals. [Or a Knerd shirt!]

2. The Knewton pantry

Dive into an assortment of snacks and fresh fruit from the Union Square farmers’ market whenever you like in Knewton’s kitchen.

3. Ultimate Frisbee

Every Thursday a group of Knewton employees travels to East River Park near the Brooklyn Bridge to play this incredibly fun and entertaining sport. Don’t be surprised if the quarterback is Knewton’s CEO himself, Jose Ferreira — and don’t worry if you hit him in the head a couple of times with a poor Frisbee throw as he takes his perseverance and deal-making skills and molds it into a personalized Ultimate Frisbee combat strategy.

4. Late night dinners

Have to work late? Enjoy dinner at Knewton — on the house.

5. Comfortable office

Knewton has various hang out areas with couches, video games, and lamps. They’re great for a change in work setting or a midday meditation session.

6. Amazing views

You’ll be mesmerized by the view of New York’s cityscape and the Union Square area from Knewton’s 12th floor windows.

7. Knewton “graffiti”

Ninety percent of all the walls at Knewton have an integrated layer of IdeaPaint. In other words, you can write on them as you would a whiteboard. Employees can spontaneously scribble down brilliant ideas or collaborate on the details of a project.

8. Hack Day

For those seeking a higher level of company pride, every three months Knewton has their famed Hack Day where employees compete for prizes in the areas of: Product, Performance, Business, and Culture. My hack day project was in the performance category; I implemented a priority queue data structure with Fibonacci heaps in the back end.

9. Presentations Galore!

Knewton will give you ample opportunities to present and improve your management skills. Interns are free to schedule their own meetings with Knewton employees.

10. Cross Department Experience

There’s a lot of collaboration around here. Interns are not restricted to working with their own team but can interact with Knewton’s other departments and assist them in their projects.