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MBA News Roundup: The First-Year, 10 Biggest Lies of B-School, and Best International Programs

Posted in Test Prep on August 15, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on your first-year in b-school, admissions at Wharton, the ten biggest lies of b-school, and the best international programs.

1. First-Year of Business School: Advice from the Trenches

What should you know about summer internships, social cliques, networking strategies, and your school curriculum before starting the MBA? Renowned admissions consultant, Stacy Blackman lays it out for you in this insightful piece.

2. The Ten Biggest Lies of Business School

No, you likely won’t be making seven figures your first few years out of an MBA… Knowing that an MBA isn’t an invincibility armor, you’ll be positioned to navigate your business career with foresight and humility.

3. The Best International Business Schools

Want a one-year international MBA? IMD and INSEAD top the list of schools with a high ROI.

4. Elitism at Top MBA Programs

Just how important is pedigree at top business schools like Wharton? Get a sober look at the reality with this well-researched article from Fortune magazine.

5. A Slide-show: Top 10 Business Schools

Need some architectural inspiration for your GMAT studying or essay-writing? Check out this slide-show of the nation’s powerhouse programs.

6. Can You Negotiate Financial Aid?

Does having multiple acceptances put you in an advantageous position when it comes to financial aid? Check out this Businessweek forum to get the answer.