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Adaptive Learning Roundtable, Part 4: Making K-12 Statewide Tests Adaptive [VIDEO]

Posted in Adaptive Learning on September 9, 2011 by

In the fourth video installment of our Adaptive Learning Roundtable, David Kuntz (VP of Research at Knewton), and Len Swanson (former ETS Executive Director and the designer of Knewton’s testing algorithm) talk about how adaptive testing can improve K-12 statewide testing.

Furthermore, as David points out, when adaptive tests are used along with an adaptive engine that monitors variables about individual students, the result is full-fledged adaptive learning.

As a reminder, a few definitions before you watch the video: adaptive tests adapt to a test-taker’s ability level, yielding more efficient measurements of students’ proficiency levels at a given point in time. Adaptive testing is not synonymous with adaptive learning, which tracks students’ proficiency levels over extended periods of time.