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College Readiness News Roundup: Overconfident and Underprepared Students; Should High Schools Pay for College Remediation?

Posted in Test Prep on August 26, 2011 by

In this week’s College Readiness News Roundup, check out articles from The Washington Post, and more.

1. The Link Between ‘The Planet of the Apes’ and Testing

In this Washington Post op-ed, Carol Corbett Burris, a high school principal in New York, wonders why we are ramping up spending to develop college readiness tests when test-based accountability has a questionable track record.

2. ‘Lucky Ones’ Are Being Prepared for College

In this editorial from the San Antonio Express News, Michael Soto reflects on his parents’ continued emphasis on education and wonders what we can do to promote a college-going culture in our communities.

3. Overconfident and Underprepared: Why Too Many Students Drop Out of College

Why are so many students dropping out of college? Financial pressure is often part of it — but lack of preparation and other factors like grade inflation and overconfidence also play a role. Read more about the problem in TakePart’s interview with San Diego State pyschology professor and author Jean Twenge.

4. Parents, Time to Panic About Our Kids’ Education

With the U.S. having fallen from first to ninth in the proportion of young people with college degrees and 2011 ACT scores revealing that only 1/4 of high school graduates meet college readiness standards, LZ Granderson argues for the need for “an aggressive, multipronged strategy geared toward closing the education gap between the rich and everyone else.” Read more in this article on

5. Utah Lawmaker Proposes Making School Districts Pay for College Remediation

A Utah lawmaker wants to make school districts and charter schools that fail to prepare students for college pay — literally. Rep. John Dougall, R-Highland, is working on a bill for the next legislative session that would allow colleges to bill school districts and charter schools for the cost of remediating their students when they get to college.” Read more in this article from the Salt Lake Tribune.

6. Rethinking Remediation: Completion and the Co-Requisite Model

Stan Jones from the Complete College America blog points to the high costs and low success rates of many remedial courses today, and suggests co-requisite developmental and college-level courses as a possible solution.