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MBA News Roundup: Record-Breaking Debt Projected for MBA Class of 2013, Family Business Programs on the Rise, Online MBA Salary Gaps

Posted in Test Prep on August 29, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on how much the Class of 2013 has to borrow to pay for their MBAs (over $100 million!),  the proliferation of family business programs at top b-schools, and how much earning potential students sacrifice to get their MBAs online.

1. This Incoming MBA Class Is Racking Up More Than $100 Million In Debt

The b-school Class of 2013 is on track to accumulate 100 million in debt for their MBAs, with Wharton students leading the borrowing frenzy.

Study of Chicago Booth grads shows the earning disparity between men and women is almost nonexistent immediately post-grad, but increases steadily to almost 40% over 10-15 years.3. Ready, Set, B-School: Final Preparations
The final installment in Bloomberg’s b-school prep series covers tips for networking, recruiting, and prioritizing career goals.4. The Family That Goes To School Together…Executive-education programs for navigating the unique problems of family-run businesses are becoming increasingly popular at top b-schools.

5. The Online MBA Salary Blues

Online MBA students can expect about half the salary increase their full-time counterparts will be receiving after graduation, according to these Bloomberg projections.