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Recommended Reading before EDUCAUSE 2011

Posted in Knerds on September 16, 2011 by

The 2011 EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting in Philadelphia isn’t until next month, but if you’re already itching to get into conference mode, we’ve compiled a few helpful resources and articles to ensure you’re prepared for #edu11 (official Twitter hashtag!). Check out the links below to learn about this year’s speakers, get networking tips, and more. For more EDUCAUSE related blog posts, click here.

General information:

EDUCAUSE 2011 Program – This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Check out the speakers and pick out the sessions you don’t want to miss.

Conference tips:

10 Hints for Making the Most of a Conference – This EDUCAUSE Quarterly article may be from 2002, but its thoughtful tips are definitely still applicable today.

“At Least One Way” to Add Value to Conferences – Another EDUCAUSE Quarterly article, this one springboards off “10 Hints for Making the Most of a Conference” and focuses on trying at least one new strategy or approach.

How to Get the Most Out of Conferences – Scott Berkun offers concrete and general advice on making the most of conferences. Tip #1 – Conversations are more important than sessions.

The Shy Connector’s Guide to Getting Ready for Conference Awesomeness – Sacha Chua actually created this list of tips for the Instructional Technologies Strategies Conference, but the fun Slideshare presentation is definitely still applicable to EDUCAUSE. Just substitute #edu2011 when she talks about following #itsc2011 on Twitter!

Speaker info:

You can check out individual session leaders’ bios in the EDUCAUSE program.

You might also want to learn more about the general session speakers. Check out Seth Godin’s website and blog, danah boyd’s website and blog, and Michael McRobbie’s “Office of the President” website. Even if you’re already familiar with their work, doing a little background research before the conference will help refresh your memory and ensure you’re able to contextualize and/or challenge elements of their speech as necessary.


#edu11 is the official EDUCAUSE 2011 hashtag, and it’s bound to heat up as the conference draws closer! Be sure you’re following @educause, too, and stay tuned for a future post about must-follow EDUCAUSE Tweeters.

See you at the conference!