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College Readiness News Roundup: SAT Scores as Gauge of College Readiness, Breaking the Remedial Cycle

Posted in Test Prep on September 23, 2011 by

In this week’s College Readiness news roundup, check out articles about SAT scores as the new gauge of college readiness, how to break the cycle of remedial college classes, and more.

1. SAT Scores: A Gauge of College Readiness?

The College Board, the company behind the SAT, is touting a new “college and career readiness benchmark,” an SAT score that is linked to a better chance of earning at least a B- average in college courses. Read more in this article from Education Week’s “Curriculum Matters” blog.

2. How to Break the Cycle of Remedial College Classes

This GOOD article discusses how collaboration between high school and college teachers can help ensure students are prepared for college work and don’t become caught in the cycle of remediation.

3. Companies Must Play a Vital Role in STEM Education

The president and executive director of Dow Chemical Co.’s philanthropic division argues for the need for business leaders to encourage STEM education in the U.S. in order to revitalize the country’s manufacturing industry.

4. High School Remake Would Put Georgia Students on Career Track

“Georgia wants to overhaul its high school curriculum, making it more like college with courses tailored to what students want to do after they graduate.” Read more about the proposed plan in this article from Education Week.

5. Missouri Finishes Work on New College Readiness Standards

After a 2007 law called for development of new college readiness criteria, Missouri has created new standards to ensure consistency among school districts.