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EdTech Blogs We Love: Web 2.0 Classroom, ICT in Education, The Innovative Educator

Posted in Ed Tech on October 5, 2011 by

It’s been a while since our last installment of EdTech Blogs We Love. Here are 3 more to add to the list!

Blogging about the Web 2.0 Classroom

Steven Anderson, the author of Blogging about the Web 2.0 Classroom, is well-known both for his blog and his prolific Twitter feed, @web20classroom. Steven is a District Instructional Technology, in which capacity he “[works] with district and school administrators on how to harness the power of technology to enhance learning.”

From roundups of new edtech resources to insightful posts on the challenges (and rewards) of teaching and learning in the digital age, Blogging about the Web 2.0 Classroom is a must-read resource for teachers and anyone who wants to connect with today’s evolving classroom on the ground level.

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ICT in Education: The Educational Technology Site

ICT in Education: The Educational Technology Site is a comprehensive site written and curated by Terry Freedman, an educational consultant in the UK who has also worked as a teacher and administrator. Intended for ICT leaders, Terry’s site contains news about the latest edtech resources, provocative thought-pieces about the current and future state of the classroom, links to professional development resources for ICT managers, and more.

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The Innovative Educator

Written by Lisa Nielson, an educational administrator and permanently certified teacher, The Innovative Educator is a resource- and knowledge-sharing destination for educators and anyone interested in edtech. Lisa, who regularly encourages educators to “Think Outside the Ban,” in order to capitalize on the potential of technology to transform education, writes thoughtful posts on helpful edtech resources, pressing ed reform issues, and more.

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