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College Readiness News Roundup: The Unprepared Nation, the Self-Absorbed Higher Ed System, and More

Posted in Test Prep on October 21, 2011 by

In this week’s College Readiness News Roundup, check out our new infographic about college readiness, as well as articles about community college placement, college retention, and more.

1. The Unprepared Nation [INFOGRAPHIC]

The stats in our college readiness infographic are pretty sobering. Check out why preparedness matters — not only for individual students but for our country as a whole.

2. Community college placement falters

Jay Maheny weighs in on remediation requirements and placement in D.C.-area two year colleges, in this blog post from the Washington Post.

3. The Self-Absorbed Higher Ed System

Jeff Selingo thinks that American higher-ed institutions need to stop congratulating themselves on the fact that they’re in high demand, and start paying attention to how they’re serving American society.

4. Ready for College

This four-part webcast posted by covers the ins and outs of college readiness and discusses ways in which high schools, colleges, and parents can collaborate to ensure students are prepared for post-secondary education.

5. “Unlocking the Secrets of College Retention” Webinar

On Tuesday EdWeek held an interactive webinar about how nonprofits and colleges are aiming to improve college retention. The webinar was moderated by Caralee Adams, a contributing writer to EdWeek, and featured presenters Julie Kashan and Carla Wood. Check out the on-demand version here.