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Posted in Education Videos on November 8, 2011 by

As anyone who was there can attest, EDUCAUSE 2011 was an awesome conference — awesome, and busy. We had a great time chatting with other attendees, demoing our college readiness course in the exhibit hall, and soaking up as much edtech expertise and enthusiasm as possible.

Our video guy Ian put together a time lapse video of people moving through the EDUCAUSE exhibit hall. See if you can spot yourself!

The music in the video is by Dubology.

Dizzying, right?

Beyond marveling at the sheer number of people in the exhibit hall, the other highlight of our conference experience was hearing your visions of the next generation of learning. Our team spent two days roaming the exhibit hall, asking attendees to answer one simple question:

What do you see as the future of education?

From cloud computing to mobile learning to personalized education, your answers covered all the latest tech innovations. Other predictions: “global,” “accessible,” “challenging,” and “very different” (now there’s a vision we can get behind!).

We entered each respondent into a drawing for an iPad; Bob Cape, the CIO of the College of Charleston, was the lucky winner.

What was the highlight of your EDUCAUSE experience?