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This Could Be Paradise: Knewton Hack Day [VIDEO]

Posted in Knerds on December 23, 2011 by

When you work at a tech startup, there are a few basic expectations: 1) big-screen Macs, 2) lots of office snacks, 3) a casual dress code, and 4) the opportunity to make a Coldplay music video with the company COO.

Wait… back up a minute.

That’s right, on Knewton’s most recent Hack Day, I found myself working with David Liu to produce a music video set to one of his three-year-old son’s favorite songs: Coldplay’s “Paradise.”

The whole thing was filmed on an iPhone and put together pretty quickly, thanks to the expert work of Kristen Tracey. Still, the finished product somehow manages to capture the Knewton ethos in a way no corporate collateral ever could. Be sure to watch until at least 2:25, when one of New York Tech’s 20 “Most Poachable Players” makes a compelling argument for why, in fact, Knewton may be the only place he’ll ever fit in.