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Hack Days, Switzerland, Pillow Fights, and More: The Year in Blog Posts

Posted in Knerds on December 22, 2011 by

Somehow, 2011 is almost over. It was a good year for us: we celebrated our 3rd birthday, closed another round of funding, and partnered with Pearson. We’ve grown a lot too: with almost 80 people on deck, computers and people are squeezed into every spare corner of the office, and the office kitchen cycles through who knows how many  pallets of Chobani yogurts and bags of SunChips each week.

In the spirit of reflection, here are twelve of our favorite blog posts from this year, one for every month.

January: Countdown to Davos: The 2011 Technology Pioneers

We were beyond honored to be named a 2011 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum at Davos. We led up to the WEF’s annual meeting in Switzerland with 30 blog posts, each of which highlighted one of our fellow Tech Pioneers.

February: 3 Days in Davos: The Full Twitter Wrap-up

Our CEO Jose landed down in Davos’ snowy peaks — and then immediately started tweeting. After the fact, Abby put together this awesome illustrated timeline of his experience.

March: Behind the Scenes at Knewton Hack Day

This. day. was. awesome.

April: An Unexpected Perk of Our Union Square Office

Pillow fight!!!

May: Knerd Tip: How to Protect Your Hard Drive

Back in May, Robbie’s hard drive got corrupted. But because he’s Robbie (i.e. tech-savvy, responsible, and prepared), it wasn’t a big deal.

We hope your hard drive doesn’t get corrupted, we really do. But if it does, we hope you’ve read this blog post. And if it does, and you don’t, we just might say we told you so.

June: What’s Adaptive Learning? Ask a 7-year old

We take Bring Your Child to Work Day pretty seriously around here. Case in point: we wouldn’t let Brianna leave without teaching her about adaptive learning (using… adaptive learning. Of course.)

July: Interview with Our Summer MBA Interns

Swarna (HBS) and Sara (Stanford GSB) were instrumental members of our marketing and BD teams this summer. Plus, they both love Seinfeld, Shake Shack, and rooftop bars.

August: 10 Reasons to Live the Knerd Life: A Product Intern’s Take 

A post all about why Knewton is awesome. How could we not include this in the line-up?

September: Adaptive Learning for “Soft” Subjects: Can Technology Encourage Creativity?

Thought adaptive learning was only for math and science? Think again. Christina’s thorough and thought-provoking post will show you how adaptive learning can be used for English composition, art history, and other “soft” subjects.

October: Job Profiles at Knewton: Jesse St. Charles, Data Scientist

The first in our ongoing job profiles series, this video covers Jesse St. Charles’ daily forays into the depths of data science. Once you’ve watched this one, check out the next profile about Trevor, software engineer.

November: STEM Education: Does America Have the Right Stuff?

In our sixth infographic of the year, we tackle STEM education in America. In a recent study of 65 industrialized nations, American students were ranked 31st in science and 23rd in math. What are we doing wrong — and how can we improve?


December: The True Power of an API

Paul, our API product manager, provides a compelling argument for why companies should be “open.”