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Stop Staring into the Bright Blue Light

Posted in Knerds on May 21, 2012 by

Another day at the office
Photo by scoobyfoo on Flickr

At night, our office is filled with people staring into computer monitors in dim light.

Our eyes weren’t designed for this. Neither were our computer screens. In fact, monitor lighting is designed to mimic sunlight. This is great during the daytime hours. But at night, against the backdrop of a dark room? Turns out this faux-sunlight is super bright and headache-inducing.

Here are two free apps to help ease eyestrain (and maybe even improve late-night productivity):

If you’re using a Mac, it’s easy to use the OS X brightness display settings to dim your screen. But sometimes when you’re sitting in a dark room, the lowest setting is still too bright. ScreenShade allows you to darken the screen even more. Plus, you can dim (or un-dim) your screen and any external monitors simultaneously.

One dev actually came over and gave me a hug after installing this one.

As the sun goes down, f.lux slowly washes over your monitor with a warmer color temperature — matching it to look like the indoor lights in your home or office. When the sun goes back up, your monitor returns to its normal vibe. Just enter your location and the kind of lighting you have (or want) and f.lux automatically syncs with the local sunset/sunrise schedule.