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Five Great Company Blogs

Posted in Knerds on February 2, 2012 by

We’re always looking around the web for blogging inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite blogs from other companies:

Rdio Blog

Rdio keeps things simple with regular features that include artist spotlights, playlists, and music recommendations, along with occasional company updates. Check out their New Music Tuesday series to stay ahead of the trends.

Signal vs. Noise

Billed as a “design and usability blog,” 37signals’ blog provides a transparent look into the company’s work process, employees, and products. Check out posts like Why attacking application exceptions is important, Let’s get honest about uptime, and Stop whining and start hiring remote workers for a sense of the SVN style.

Gmail Blog

One of our goals this year is to use the Knewton blog to keep our audience in the loop about product updates and improvements.  With plenty of screen shots and visuals along with concise text explanations, Gmail’s blog posts serve as a great model for how to publicize product updates to a general audience.

Evernote Blog

The Evernote Blog does a good job of using one blog for multiple purposes. The category search feature is front and center, allowing readers to choose between sections like “product updates,” “tips & stories,” and “podcasts,” depending on their interests. If you’re a company looking to highlight the diverse ways in which your customers use your products, be sure to check out the “tips & stories” section for ideas.

Twitter Blog

From tips on how to use Twitter to engage in politics and sports, to information on cool new projects like embeddable tweets and the Twitter Translation Center, the Twitter blog provides a compelling high-level look at product updates as well as company goals and going-ons.