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Knewton University: Spring Semester 2012

Posted in Knerds on February 23, 2012 by

One of the best things about working at Knewton is the emphasis on ongoing education. After all, a passion for knowledge and innovation informs everything we do–the way we design and build products, conduct research, and approach our work on a daily basis.

Programming classes started as part of a hack day project awhile ago. “Knewton University” grew and grew over the last few months, and now we are proud to announce our spring curriculum for Knewton employees. Here’s a peek at the official bulletin:

Title: Javascript for Developers
Instructor: Eric Garside
Course description: Want to get up to speed in one of the most popular programming languages in the world? Learn the basics of JavaScript and jQuery. Expect to be able to build a simple web application by the end of the course

Title: Electronics with Arduino
Instructor: Devon Jones
Course description: This class teaches people how to understand and apply the core principles of electronic circuits and devices. A favorite of hackers and makers, the arduino platform makes creating simple devices much easier for programmers and non-programmers alike. This has made the platform into a foundational piece of technology for makers who prefer to invent solutions themselves than purchase mass market products.

Title: Knewton Programming 101 (w/Python)
Instructor: Brad Baebler
Course description: The original programming course taught by one of Knewton’s finest. Programming 101 aims to teach non-techies the fundamentals of coding using python. As one of the main languages used to create Knewton services, Python is known for its relatively simple syntax and clear readability.

Title: Writing Applications with Node.JS
Instructor: Jayson Phillipps
Course Description: We’ll be exploring the possibilities of event-driven programming with Node.JS. We’ll discuss it’s advantages, learn about engineering within the event loop, the Node.JS ecosystem, testing and more.

Title: Photoshop Basics
Instructor: Abigail Ricarte (a.k.a, the jazzhand weaver of dreams)
Course description: Want to design your own banners and talk layers, lightboxes, and palettes? Get inspired by our vintage posters from yesteryear and come Monday evening ready to work some magic on your favorite images.

Title: Modern Japanese Language & Culture
Instructor: Jonathan Bethune
Course description: Come learn basic conversational Japanese and cultural activities from the master polygot himself, Jon Bethune who spent several years absorbing it all firsthand in Japan. Come for the kanji, stay for the anime.

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