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Cookie Taste Test: Jose vs. Levain Bakery

Posted in Knerds on February 28, 2012 by

If you haven’t read Jose’s blog post about reverse-engineering Levain’s bakery famous cookies, check it out before reading on!

Yesterday, our CEO Jose brought in a big batch of homemade semisweet chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Meanwhile, our VP of Finance Patricia toted a box of dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies in from Levain Bakery’s Upper Wide Side location.

What happened next? A blind taste test, of course — or as Jose referred it it in a company-wide email, “Cookie Armageddon.”

The two samples look pretty similar:








Jose’s version is on the left; it’s slightly lighter in color than the Levain prototype.

But remember, this taste-test is blind:








So which version did David, COO and cookie connoisseur, prefer?

Jose’s, of course! David proclaimed the flavor “much richer.”

The rest of the company dug in soon after:








There was no official vote tally, but Jose’s cookies did disappear more quickly than Levain’s…