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First Glance at the New and Improved Knewton HQ

Posted in Knerds on March 27, 2012 by

That’s right: Knewton is moving! Our team has more than doubled since we moved into our current office 2+ years ago, and we’re more than ready for a space upgrade.

In the past few years, Union Square has become a hub for tech startups; when we began our search, we knew we didn’t want to leave the heart of Silicon Alley behind. We were lucky enough to find a great place just an avenue west from our current location, at 15th Street and Fifth Avenue. We’ll be in good company in our new home: other tenants include Yelp and Apple.

Here’s the view from outside (picture from Union Square Blog):

Last Friday, the whole team had a chance to check out the interior of our new (and very spacious!) digs for the first time, before the building began. Thanks to Josh for snapping these pictures.