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“Now, I Meet Students Where They Are”: Knewton Featured on Getting Smart

Posted in Teacher Tools on May 1, 2012 by

Irene Bloom (photo from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Our friends over at Getting Smart just published a great post about one teacher’s experience using Knewton in the classroom.

Irene Bloom, a Senior Lecturer at Arizona State University, was originally a skeptic of online learning. But she says that the classroom dynamic has changed since introducing Knewton into her developmental math classes:

… Knewton has allowed Bloom to introduce collaborative learning, allowing students to move along at their own pace. “I love looking around the classroom and seeing them working in groups, talking to each other and explaining things to each other,” says Bloom. “I only step in when they are stuck.”

“Most of the time, different groups are working on different things, depending on where they are in the course,” adds Bloom. “This is very new for me. Before this, I worked on the assumption that all students were at the same place. Now, because they progress at different rates, I meet them where they are.”

Bloom has also seen tangible improvements in learning outcomes and student engagement since beginning to use Knewton. Read more about her experience on Getting Smart.