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June 2010 LSAT Survey Results

Posted in Test Prep on June 21, 2010 by

Brad McIlquham is the Director of Academics at Knewton

The June LSAT has come and gone: In fact, score reports are just around the corner (they’re set to come out June 28th… deep breath!).

We asked our Knewton LSAT prep students for some feedback on their test-day experiences. The consensus? Overall, 60% of students reported doing as expected or better on the June LSAT (although of course no one can be sure until the 28th!).

Other interesting feedback:

Most difficult section: Analytical Reasoning (a.k.a. Logic Games) was the toughest section for 50% of students; 30% reported the most trouble with Reading Comprehension and 20% with Logical Reasoning.
Students felt best prepared for: Logical Reasoning (52.6%). A large percentage of students felt most ready for Logic Games (42.1%); 5.3% were most ready for Reading Comprehension.
Timing: The majority of respondents weren’t too adversely affected by timing troubles. 38.9% felt a little rushed (only natural on a tricky test like the LSAT!); 11.1% weren’t affected at all by timing (awesome job!), 33.3% didn’t get to a couple of questions, and 16.7% said that timing was “too much to bear.”

Section feedback:
-Logical Reasoning: 86% felt they did as expected or better, with Assumptions being the most difficult question type
-73% felt they did as expected or better in Reading Comprehension
-Analytical Reasoning: 53% of respondents felt they did worse than expected

Conclusions: While the LSAT (as always) presented some challenges to students, overall, test-day experiences were positive.

100% of students reported that they would recommend the Knewton LSAT course to a friend–which we’re interpreting as a good sign!