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Knewton Video: Intro to Law School and the LSAT (Part 1)

Posted in Test Prep on June 25, 2010 by

Not quire sure if you want to go to law school? Or sure you want to go after that JD, but unsure where to apply? Nervous about what law school is really like? Uncertain if a JD is right for your career goals? Curious about the difference between law schools in different geographic areas, or about what national rankings actually mean?

In this video series, Kristen Kennedy, one of Knewton’s expert LSAT teachers, details all the factors you should consider throughout the law school admissions process–and then gives a helpful overview of what you’ll encounter once you actually get to school.

In Part 1 of the video, Kristen talks about the intellectual environment at law school, and the different career possibilities afforded by a JD. She also discusses law school admissions: How much does geography matter? Should you go to a local or national school? What about joint-degree programs–would a LLM or JD-MBA be right for you?

Law school is a big decision–make sure you’re well-informed!

Tune in next week for Part 2 of Kristen’s video, all about what law school is really like, and how it differs from undergrad.