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Knewton Video: Intro to Law School and the LSAT (Part II)

Posted in Test Prep on June 30, 2010 by

Did you miss Part 1 of Knewton’s Introduction to Law School and the LSAT video?

Grappling with the law school admissions process, or want to learn more about what law school is really like? Check out Part 2 of Knewton’s Introduction to Law School and the LSAT series, in which Kristen Kennedy (one of Knewton’s top-notch LSAT teachers) discusses the law school curriculum, as well as the elements of a successful law school application.

Fuzzy on what the case method or Socratic method is? Kristen explains how a law school classroom is a bit different from an undergrad lecture, and also gives you a sneak peek into some of the classes you can expect to see on your schedule during your 1L year. She also gives a run-down of the activities you’ll be able to get involved in at school.

For those of you who don’t want to look that far ahead, Kristen also touches on the important elements of your law school application, and how best to present yourself to admissions committees. How can you give law schools what they’re looking for?

Here at Knewton, we understand that the prospect of law school, and the law school admissions process, can be overwhelming. Kristen breaks it all down into easy-to-understand parts, to make sure you’re not clueless come Day 1 of school!