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Introducing the Interns

Posted in Knerds on June 21, 2012 by

Every summer, the seams of our office stretch a bit to accommodate a few good interns. This year is no exception. We’ve got a crop of impressive college students, recent graduates, and grad students here to prove — once again — that age is no measure of errand-running talent.

Just kidding. The only coffee these interns will be fetching is their own — and they’ll need it. All of them will be digging into some pretty complex projects while they’re here.

Here’s a bit of background on each of our seven new team members.

Andersen Chen (bottom center) is a rising junior at Brown University, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Andersen is from Brookline, MA, and this is his first time living in NYC for an extended period of time. He’s looking forward to using his math skills to solve problems in adaptive learning — and eating plenty of Chobani yogurt from the Knewton kitchen. You can find Andersen on the web at

Matthew Suozzo (top right) grew up on the Upper West Side of NYC and just just completed his freshman year in his native ‘hood, at Columbia University’s School of Engineering. Matthew is a Computer Science major; he has big plans this summer to build a new desktop (computer, that is, not surface). Matthew is also on the Ultimate Frisbee team at Columbia and although it’s true that he’s been a great addition to our weekly games so far, we promise that’s not the (only) reason we hired him.

Zack Newman (bottom left) is also studying Computer Science at Columbia. He hails from Sterling, VA, right near D.C., and is glad to be in New York this summer where he can obtain food after the late hour of 8 p.m. Zack enjoys reading, going to concerts, and sleeping. As for secret talents, he can touch his nose with his bottom lip — although he warns that you’ll probably regret asking him to demonstrate that one.

Kevin Mullin (bottom right) just completed the first year of his two-year Masters program in Computer Science at NYU. Originally from Chicago, Kevin is looking forward to a (brief) break from studying this summer. Though Kevin says his favorite kitchen snack is water, we’re hopeful he’ll be tempted to expand his horizons by the end of the summer. (Yogurt-covered almonds? Popcorn? Chobani? The possibilities are endless.)

Joy Zheng (top left) is a rising sophomore at Harvard University, where she’s trying to decide whether to major in computer science, math, or combination of the two. Joy, who is from Seattle, is particularly excited about NYC’s food scene — she’s a self-described “huge foodie,” not to mention a turducken expert (she’s made one for the past two Thanksgivings). At Harvard, Joy is one of the head problem writers for the 2013 Harvard-MIT Math Tournament and also works on operations for the Harvard International Review.

Dylan Sherry (top center) is a fresh graduate of MIT, where he studied electrical engineering and computer science. Dylan was born in San Diego, CA and grew up on the other side of the country, in Portland, ME. He plays jazz saxophone, and is looking forward to checking out all the great music around the city. Dylan also loves trying new recipes (these almond and raspberry shortbread thumbprint cookies are a favorite), mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, camping, and most recently, knitting. Plus — Dylan once dissected a human arm. And that’s all we’ll say about that.

Tarik Tosun (unpictured) is originally from Wilmington, Delaware. He just graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Tarik is a guitarist, pianist, and vocalist, and like Dylan, he’s excited to explore the New York music scene this summer. Tarik is also really into Robotics; he’ll be a Ph.D. student in Robotics/Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. You can find him online at