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Welcome Rob, Niki, Bill, and James

Posted in Knerds on February 7, 2013 by

new employee february
From left to right: Bill, James, Niki, and Rob

Four new Knerds joined our team in the past month. We’re excited to have them all on board.

Rob Schultheis joins Knewton as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Before coming to Knewton, he hiked the Appalachian trail; before that, he consulted as a quality engineer. Originally from Miami, Rob graduated from Virginia Tech. In his free time, he enjoys yoga and cooking. His favorite book is Riddley Walker, and this is his favorite Wikipedia article. You can also find Rob on Quora, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

Niki Yoshiuchi is a new Software Engineer. A Bronx native, Niki graduated from Polytechnic University and was programming video games prior to coming to Knewton. The best place Niki has ever traveled is Iceland, and his high school yearbook should have deemed him “Most likely to be indecisive.” Niki’s favorite Wikipedia article — “List of Problems Solved by MacGyver” — has been removed, but an older version is here.

Bill Brodie joins Knewton as a Software Engineer on our Platform team. Bill was previously a software consultant in education and finance, and also recently took some time off to work on an organic farm in upstate New York. In addition to farming and gardening, Bill enjoys hiking. His favorite travel experience was a season spent canoeing through West Africa to Timbuktu. Bill graduated from Princeton University.

James Chun is also a new Software Engineer on our Platform team. Originally from Singapore, James comes to us from Carnegie Mellon University. He’s into outdoorsy stuff in his free time, in particular running and cycling. His favorite place he’s traveled is Panama.