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What Personalized Learning Pathways Look Like at ASU

Posted in Education Videos on April 2, 2013 by

Knewton Math Readiness, a web-based developmental math course built on the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform, creates a guided, self-paced environment in which live instruction is optimized around targeted group sessions. The course presents students with personalized learning paths as it continually assesses their mathematical proficiency and adapts accordingly.

Early efficacy reports reflect the success of Knewton Math Readiness at ASU. After four semesters of use with over 5,000 developmental math students at Arizona State University, withdrawal rates dropped by 58% and pass rates went from 64% to 78%.

Below is a visualization that showcases students going through one semester of Knewton Math Readiness at Arizona State University.

The colors reflect the subject area within the course (equations and expressions, statistics and probability, algebra, functions, ratios & proportions, geometry, the number system) and each tiny white dot represents a different student moving through the course. The smaller circles within the larger colored circles reflect lesson components within the subject areas. As more students move through this subject material and gain proficiency, the circles are gradually shaded in. The timeline at the bottom of the visualization reflects the length of the entire semester; every second in the video is equivalent to 20 hours.