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Introducing the Interns, Part 2

Posted in Knerds on July 10, 2013 by

L-R: Jocelyn, Danielle, and David

We welcomed a few more interns to the Knewton team in the past few weeks.

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis last May with a double major in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Spanish, David Kosofsky studied Religion in Jerusalem. Now, he’s working on Knewton’s Content Curation team. Outside of work, you can find David hunting for four-leaf clovers, spearfishing for tuna, and playing blindfolded Sodoku. His favorite movies are vintage Adam Sandler (think Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison).

Originally from Austin, TX, Danielle Suh is a rising junior at Harvard College. She’s currently studying Applied Math but is planning to make the switch to Statistics (“soon, probably”). In addition to the expected math and stats classes, she recently took a fascinating class on the Enlightenment. This summer, Danielle is working on Knewton’s data science team; she’s psyched to be in New York and loves all the student rush tickets available here.

Jocelyn Schulz is working on Knewton’s Adaptive Interactions team this summer. Currently a student at NYU studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Jocelyn has been doing research in millimeter-wave communications at NYU WIRELESS since her freshman year of college. She has a snarky long-haired chihuahua named Nano Byte (“or Nano Pi, depending on what side of her personality she’s using”). In her free time, Jocelyn loves dancing (especially k-pop) and rock climbing.