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London Calling: Knewton’s New International HQ

Posted in Knerds on October 15, 2013 by

I’m excited to announce that this month marks the opening of Knewton’s first international office. We’re setting up shop in London to better serve our European partners.

A year ago, having a team of Knerds based in Europe would have been nice. We could have saved money on plane tickets and cut out the hassle of scheduling meetings across time zones. But today, as demand for Knewton’s adaptive learning technology continues to surge, an international home base is a necessity.

For more than five years, Knewton has been working to enable an adaptive world — one in which all digital courses are continuously personalized; in which every student is guided and challenged by personalized recommendations; in which teachers are empowered with data about student progress, allowing them to spend their time on actually teaching and improving student outcomes, instead of administrative work.

This world is speeding towards us faster than we could have hoped. As we grow to reach more students and teachers, it is only inevitable that a large proportion of our partners will come from outside the U.S. In the past few months, we’ve signed deals with companies like Macmillan Education and Cambridge University Press, both storied UK publishers (who also happen to be competitors). And there are many others out there, coming not only from traditional K-12 and higher ed publishing but also from the huge satellite world of education providers — corporate trainers, certification companies, language learning providers, test preparation companies, and many more.

In the coming months and years we look forward to working with many of them, and to expanding Knewton offices to other continents. Lack of quality education drives virtually every other global problem we face as a species. If we can improve education, we can dramatically improve the other problems too. It’s for this reason that Knewton is a mission-driven company — our ultimate goal is to ensure all students have access to adaptive, high-quality learning experiences, no matter what application they are using. Our new European HQ is one more small step forward toward this goal.