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Welcome Kristen and Kate

Posted in Knerds on December 10, 2013 by

We welcomed two new Knerds last month.

Kristen Keating Weeks joins as a Senior Manager, Business Development. Originally from Haverford, PA, Kristen studied History & Literature at Harvard College and earned her MBA at Columbia Business School. Kristen’s favorite place is New Orleans and her favorite websites are the New York Times and Suri’s Burn Book.

Kate Wellschlager joins Knewton as a Content Curator for the Humanities. A former middle and high school social studies and history teacher, Kate graduated from Kenyon College and earned her MA at Columbia University. Her hobbies include cooking (for stress relief and sustenance!) as well as running — she’s completed seven marathons. She’s also pretty good at doing cartwheels on rollerblades. Kate’s favorite website is, and her favorite Wikipedia article is the Back to the Future Timeline.