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Posted in Ed Tech 101 on February 11, 2014 by

What is “Pedagogy”?

Pedagogy refers to the art and science of education. How is a subject taught, and how do students learn from that method of teaching? What knowledge and skills are necessary to effectively communicate information to students? How do teachers manage to orchestrate learning for every student in a classroom?

According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, “Effective teachers display a wide range of skills and abilities that lead to creating a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and are sure that they can succeed both academically and personally. This complex combination of skills and abilities is integrated in the professional teaching standards that also include essential knowledge, dispositions, and commitments that allow educators to practice at a high level.”

Here at Knewton, we love geeking out over ed tech – the people, the technology, and its potential to change the world. As part of our participation in the community, we’re putting together an “Ed Tech 101” glossary to explore the language itself – the buzzwords, the jargon, the neologisms, and everything in between. Have an ed tech word or phrase you’d like us to feature? Leave a comment!