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Posted in Ed Tech 101 on February 4, 2014 by

What is a “heuristic”?

A heuristic refers to a general problem-solving strategy that may or may not be successful. Unlike an algorithm, a heuristic results from intelligent guesswork rather than a precise formula.

Heuristic learning, then, refers to learning that is experiential, in which students are encouraged to use trial-and-error, educated guesses, and other rational methods to arrive at answers to problems.

Here at Knewton, we love geeking out over ed tech – the people, the technology, and its potential to change the world. As part of our participation in the community, we’re putting together an “Ed Tech 101” glossary to explore the language itself – the buzzwords, the jargon, the neologisms, and everything in between. Have an ed tech word or phrase you’d like us to feature? Leave a comment!