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Gaming in Education: This is Not Your 8-Bit Oregon Trail

Posted in Ed Tech on January 27, 2014 by

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s NYEdTech Meetup on Gaming in Education. This month’s Meetup generated another sold out event at Knewton HQ. Here’s a full roundup of what went down.

• Don Burton – Managing Director- EdTech at TechStars @dcburton
• Kara Carpenter – Co-founder of Teachley @teachley
• Anna Ly – Industry Fellow at Sesame Workshop @Otter_dotter
• Sharon Thompson, Computer Science & Robotics educator; CEO of Dream Workshop @Inspiredtoteach

Watch live streaming video from knerd at

Key Quotes

“Gaming education industry is the digital wild west.” – Anna Ly

“We’re at the very beginning of how we can use gaming to spur education.” – Don Burton

“The real power is when they learn how to program their own games.”  – Sharon Thompson

“As game developers we need to listen to the teachers, but very few actually do.” – Anna Ly

“There are many ways to engage a child in the classroom and games are just one piece of it.” – Anna Ly


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