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Welcome Seth, Melody, Samantha, Matt, and Ludovic

Posted in Knerds on March 14, 2014 by

L-R: Seth, Samantha, Ludovic, Matt

Seth Charlip-Blumlein joins Knewton as a Senior Engineer. Originally from San Francisco, Seth graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and was previously working as a Software Engineer at Audible. Seth is a big movie buff — his favorite is The Usual Suspects.

Originally from Ardsley, NY, Samantha Zucker graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. She joins Knewton’s Design team as a UX Designer. In her free time, Samantha enjoys yoga, puzzles, photography, and gif use. Her favorite book is Game of Thrones, and she thinks bacon tastes gross. You can find her on the web at

Matt Nicole joins the Knewton Product Management team as Senior Product Manager, Analytics. Originally from Farmington Hills, MI, Matt attended Rochester Institute of Technology. His favorite book is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and he spends his free time trying to figure out how to map collective consciousness (“this is a lot more fun than it probably sounds”).

Originally from Guadeloupe (French Caribbean), Senior Software Engineer Ludovic Cabre graduated from EFREI in Paris, France. His favorite TV show is Breaking Bad and his favorite movie is Inception. In his free time Ludovic likes skiing, ice skating, windsurfing, and bodyboarding. He thinks JavaScript is the future. Find him at

image (8)Melody Lang joins Knewton’s London office as an Implementation Architect. Originally from Belgium, Melody studied at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) and earned her PhD. in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory and her hobbies include piano, tennis, and skiing. Her favorite website is Connasse’s YouTube channel.