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Knerds on the Board: Deep Dive on Differentiated Instruction

Posted in Education Videos on March 14, 2014 by

This round-up of our Knerds on the Board video series features former teachers exploring the many facets of differentiated instruction.

In this video, former teacher, Josh Gordon talks about an interesting dilemma he faced with two of his best students, Chad and Eric and how that inspired his work in edtech.


Former South Bronx middle school English teacher, Jesse Sternberg talks about the challenges of implementing data-driven differentiated instruction in the classroom.



Former math and physics teacher Greg Hitt talks about “beast problems” and the importance of creating “access points” for students at different levels, so that no student is left without something to do.



Former teacher and charter school founder, Dvora Inwood talks about the realities of developing and implementing individualized courses of study for each student in her class.