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NYEdTech Meetup: Startup Spring Showcase 2014

Posted in Ed Tech on March 28, 2014 by

Thanks to everyone who participated in our latest NYEdTech Meetup on EdTech Startup Showcases. This month’s Meetup generated another sold out event at Knewton. Here’s a full rundown of the event.


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Loved how @PearDeck opened pres with interactive demo surveying audience for edu, dev, other edtech, misc — cc @NYEdTech @4pt0schools

“Fastest growing jobs are in STEM, but we are way behind the rest of the world. That’s the problem we solve.” – @MakerState #NYEdTech

“Maker Movement – let’s take innovation and creation out of labs and bring it to regular people.” – @MakerState #NYEdTech

“How can we bring passion of making and creating to the next generation” – @MakerState #NYEdTech

“We’ve digitized the sandbox. So kids can discover for themselves.” – @gomarcopolo #NYEdTech

“Most of the leaning we all will do won’t be assessed or given a degree.” – @credly #NYEdTech

How to represent our accumulated knowledge when there isn’t parchment associated with it? @credly has an answer in #badges #NYEdTech

Excited to announce our newest sponsor @RobinHoodNYC & their $5mil edtech prize! #NYEdTech


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