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The Future of Content: Adaptivity in Action

Posted in Education Videos on April 14, 2014 by

This round-up of our Knerds on the Board video series features Knewton implementation architects on subjects ranging from student agency to the future of educational publishing.

What will the future of textbooks look like? In this video, long-time publishing professional and Knewton client manager Sally Searby provides some useful frameworks for understanding the evolution of content in the digital age. What are the major trends shaping the industry? What do phrases like “born digital” and “content granularity” really mean? This is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of content.

One of the major developments shaping the future of content is adaptive learning — the personalization of learning content for individual student needs. If you’ve been following our blog, you’re likely familiar with the science and technology behind adaptive learning — theories and approaches like item response theory and probabilistic graphical models — and just how we envision a future in which everyone will have access to a world-class personalized education. But what does adaptive learning look like from a product standpoint? What are the flavors of adaptivity and how might adaptivity be built into different educational products? In this video, implementation architect, Joanna Bersin explores the intricacies of adaptivity in action.

What kind of product considerations go into the design of an adaptive educational product? One of our experts in these matters, technical architect Shawn Lauzon, explains one of the most important aspects of product design — the concept of “student agency” — in this deep dive on the topic.

How exactly do the interests of students, teachers, and publishers come together at Knewton? Anne Thomas explores how Knewton implementation architects translate product visions into technical specifications in this video about one of Knewton’s most unique positions (see open implementation architect positions here).

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