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Introducing 10 New Knerds

Posted in Knerds on April 14, 2014 by

Back row L-R: Bennett, Tony, Cesar, Jack Front row L-R: Homin, Dena, Christina, Kike, Ruben, Daniel

Daniel Son joins Knewton as a software engineer. Originally from Brooklyn, Daniel graduated from RIT. His favorite book is Wheel of Time and his favorite TV show is Animaniacs. In his free time, he enjoys swing dancing and board games. His favorite Wikipedia page is on caffeine.

Originally from Kent County, MD, oftware engineer Bennett Wineholt was working on his Masters of Engineering in Robotics at Cornell before coming to Knewton. Bennett’s hobbies include playing strategy and board games, as well as reading fantasy and sci-fi books (his favorite is Ender’s Game). This is his favorite Wikipedia page.

Ruben Naeff was a composer, math teacher, and strategy consultant & economic researcher before coming to Knewton as a data scientist. Originally from Amsterdam, he has degrees from the University of Amsterdam and New York University. He should have been voted “most likely to embrace life” in high school. His favorite website is “Gmail…?” Find him @rubennaeff or at

Homin Lee joins Knewton as a data scientist. Originally from “Joisey,” Homin graduated from Columbia. His favorite book is The Magic Mountain and in his free time, he likes Bob Ross painting. His favorite website is

Onwukike (Kike) Ibe is originally from Lawrenceville, NJ, and graduated from Rutgers. He joins Knewton as a software engineer. Kike’s favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. He thinks tipping doesn’t make any sense.

A Canada native, new software engineer Tony Van der mude joins Knewton as a software engineer. Tony graduated from Rutgers University, and his high school class should have voted him “most likely to be a geek.” Tony’s favorite movie is Wall-E and his hobbies include listening to jazz. His favorite Wikipedia page is Blows Against the Empire.

Christina Tu, a Senior Project Manager at Knewton, is originally from Long Island and now lives on Staten Island. She graduated from Cooper Union and in her free time, likes playing with her dogs, baking sweets, and sketching. This is her favorite website.

Dena Feldman joins Knewton as an adaptive instruction analyst. Dena is from Framingham, MA, and attended Bryn Mawr College. She’s currently working on a Masters degree in engineering. Dena’s hobbies include a cappella singing, knitting, reading (her favorite author is Terry Pratchett), jigsaw puzzles, and learning languages.

Cesar Bodden joins Knewton as a systems engineer. He’s originally from New York and graduated from New Jersey City University. In his free time, Cesar likes music, photography, and watch-making. His favorite book is Midnight’s Children, and he has never seen Titanic.

Jack DeLoach also joins Knewton as a systems engineer. He graduated from Davidson College and was previously crunching big data sets for banks and retailers. Jack’s favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo and he likes breadmaking and being outside. His favorite Wikipedia page is about 274301 Wikipedia.