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NYEdTech Meetup: If I Had a Charter for Every EdTech

Posted in Ed Tech on May 5, 2014 by

Thanks to everyone who participated in the latest NYEdTech Meetup on charter schools, hosted at the Knewton office. Here’s a full rundown of the event.


Event description

“Charter schools often leverage new and promising technologies; furthermore, CMOs provide fertile ground for innovation and represent ideal first customers for edtech entrepreneurs. Often charters are entrepreneurial in nature and have spun out numerous edtech startups as well. We want to explore the tech in charters and the direct impact students are receiving as they relate to the technologies incorporated.”


Dr. Eric Tucker, Founding Team, Brooklyn Lab School, @bklynlabschool
Arthi Krishnaswami, CEO, Rye Catcher,
Harris Ferrell, CIO, Achievement First, @Harris_Ferrell
Stanley Buchesky, Managing Partner, The EdTech Fund, @edtechfund

Adam Aronson – – @adam_aronson
Sharon LaDay – – @lowbrowhightech
Tom Krieglstein – – @tomkrieglstein

Here’s to a great Meetup! In the meantime, connect with fellow NYEdTech’ers online at:

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• Twitter – @NYEdTech

• Hashtag – #NYEdTech

Key Quotes

“I see a lot of fragmented data all over the place. What excites me are tools that bring it all together under one roof.” – Arthi #NYEdTech

“If your people don’t know what to do with the tech, you’re not going to have a very effective solution.” – @achievement1st #NYEdTech

“Working with Charters has allowed us to do the end-to-end user design we wanted with the end user.” – Arthi #ryecatcher #NYEdTech

“I want to make the case for Charter schools as a test bed for great products.” – @bklynlabschool #NYEdTech

“We take entrepreneurial learning very seriously at @bklynlabschool.” – @bklynlabschool #NYEdTech

“I don’t have two professional dev days to learn a new computer program.” – @edtechfund #NYEdTech

“If you’re trying to make an impact, it’s about doing 1 thing really well in the framework of the current programming.” – Arthi #NYEdTech

“Technology is not a silver bullet you still need the human and experiential connection- a huge piece of the @BklynLabSchool model @NYEdTech.”

“Some skills need to be super personal, while other skills can be scaled to larger groups.” – Arthi #NYEdTech

“The demand for addressing tech skills is not an uphill battle. The demand is there.” – @Harris_Ferrell #NYEdTech

“There are 1.1mm students just in NY. 50 million nationally.” – @bklynlabschool #NYEdTech

“Achievement First is engaging design firm EDO to ‘redesign the paradigm around how we deliver education.’ Cool! @NYEdTech

“RyeCatcher will be an open source monster.” – Arthi #NYEdTech

“NY has the best Charter school system in the country and has so much potential.” – @bklynlabschool #NYEdTech

Be sure to check out the NYEdTech meetup page and for upcoming events.