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Introducing 8 New Knerds

Posted in Knerds on May 21, 2014 by

From L-R: Michael, Raghav, Sam, Jay, Giancarlo, Eugene, Michael, Arnon

Eugene Lee joins Knewton’s Implementations team as a Client Manager. Eugene graduated from Cornell, received his MBA from NYU, and was previously working for Mayor Bloomberg. His hobbies include traveling, eating, and cooking. His favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.

Michael Baldwin comes to Knewton as a Product Manager. Originally from upstate New York, he graduated from Yale University. Michael sings tenor in the New York Choral Society and is the creator of, a 5-minute quiz which measures your English vocabulary size.

Sam Hutchinson joins Knewton as a Client Services Associate. He graduated from Hamilton College and worked in the food industry for 9 years — most recently, he was teaching corporate team building cooking classes. Sam’s favorite book is Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. He’s also a big fan of soccer and museums.

Originally from McLean, VA, Giancarlo Garcia graduated from Harvard University and received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Giancarlo joins Knewton’s QA team as a Software Engineer in Test. His hobbies include playing the clarinet, enjoying playing chamber music, and attending concerts and operas. World War Z is among his favorite zombie books.

Arnon Avitzur joins Knewton as an Implementation Architect. He moved to the US from Israel seven years ago. Arnon attended Tel Aviv University for his BSC and MBA, and is currently working on his PhD in Education at NYU. He likes playing Freestyle Frisbee, and his favorite TV series is ALF.

Native New Yorker Raghav Sachdev graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Before joining Knewton’s QA team as a Senior Engineer in Test, Raghav worked at Microsoft and Fog Creek Software. His favorite movie is Remember the Titans and his favorite website is Engadget. Raghav maintains that PCs are better than Macs.

Former professional poker player Michael Binger joins Knewton as a Data Analyst. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Michael has also lived in California and Vegas. He earned his PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford. Michael’s hobbies include playing ping-pong (at Knewton), cooking, eating, drinking, climbing things, and other outdoor adventures. This is his favorite website.

Originally from Austin, TX, software engineer Jay Wilson graduated from UT Austin. In his free time, Jay enjoys playing classical piano. His favorite book is The Fountainhead, and his favorite website is