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Knewton Partners with Elsevier

Posted in Knerds on June 12, 2014 by

We’re excited to announce that Knewton has partnered with Elsevier — a renowned provider of scientific, technical, and medical information and services — to bring personalized curricula to health and medical students around the world.

It’s partnerships like this one that represent the true potential of Knewton. Today, nearly every nursing student and registered practitioner in North America will use an Elsevier textbook in training or in practice. Knewton-powered Elsevier products will make it possible for all of these students to receive a personalized learning experience — ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen career.

This is important in any field. But for health and medicine, the stakes are particularly high — and getting higher. Baby Boomers are aging. The healthcare system is changing. Science is advancing. Better education for future nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals means better patient care, more effective treatments, and ultimately, more saved lives.

Knewton’s partnership with Elsevier represents our entry into the health sciences. Like education, healthcare is a gateway problem — it drives virtually every other problem we face as a species. Improve healthcare, and we make all other problems more solvable. Improve health education, and we make improving healthcare that much easier.

For more details about the partnership, read the full release.