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Introducing the Interns, Part 2

Posted in Knerds on July 16, 2014 by

Back L-R: Kevin, Rishav, Sean, Rachel, Evan Front L-R: Daniel, Hayley, Gizem

We’re happy to welcome nine new summer interns to the Knewton team!

Sean Gordon, interning on the Legal team, is originally from Warren, New Jersey. He’s currently getting his JD/MBA from Boston University’s School of Law and School of Management. When he’s not studying for his dual degree, he’s a self-proclaimed “film buff” who enjoys eating a “juicy rib eye steak.”

Hayley Margio, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the new Business Development intern. She is currently attending Harvard Business School, and also studied Economics at Harvard College. In her spare time, she enjoys looking for restaurants that serve non-pasta vegetarian dishes and pretending she knows how to use her DSLR camera.

Evan Shieh, a computer science major at Stanford, is interning with the Adaptive Interactions (AI) team. He comes originally from Seattle, Washington, and his hobbies include basketball, snowboarding, backpacking, and cooking (though his favorite food is still anything his mom cooks).

Originally from India, Rishav Chakravarti studies Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at Carnegie Mellon. His hobbies include traveling (his favorite destination is Cape Town), eating (his favorite food is Raan-e-Sikandari), and, recently, watching the World Cup.


Vivaek Shivakumar, an intern working with Knewton’s data science team, is studying Computer Science at MIT. Originally from Burke, Virginia, he likes basketball, electronic music, Carnatic music, and foreign languages. His favorite subject is Chinese, and his favorite website is Facebook.

Daniel Sakaguchi is an intern with Knewton’s Adaptive Interactions team. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he is currently studying physics at Stanford. His favorite food is mango sticky rice, and his interests include existentialism and making large messes.

An Analytics intern from Turkey, Gizem Küçükoğlu is currently getting her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from New York University. Her favorite subject is neuroanatomy, her favorite food is Manti, and her hobbies include cooking, running, dancing, and photography. Check her out on Twitter @gizemkucukoglu.

Kevin Peng, a New York City native, studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He loves all things Japanese: it’s his favorite subject to study, his favorite place to visit, and the creator of his favorite food, Ramen.

Last but not least, Rachel Kuntz (that’s me!) is interning with the Marketing team. She is originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and is currently studying Dance at the Boston Conservatory. Besides dancing, she loves reading, writing (mostly fiction, with the occasional blog post), walking around in the woods, eating cheese fries, and playing with her four dogs. Not all at once.