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Knewton Partners with Santillana to Reach K-12 Students Across 22 Countries

Posted in Adaptive Learning on October 14, 2014 by

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Santillana, the largest K-12 publisher in Latin America. Santillana, which provides learning materials for students and teachers in 22 countries, will launch Knewton-powered adaptive products across Latin America and Spain.

Santillana not only has a wide global reach — it also has deep roots in the local and regional education systems its learning materials serve. There is an increasing demand for personalized learning across Latin America and Spain. Using the Knewton platform, Santillana will offer personalized learning materials for students and actionable analytics for instructors. Knewton’s personalized recommendations for what to study at any given moment will engage and challenge students as they work through course materials. Educators will see actionable metrics to quickly identify student needs and support every member of a class more effectively.

For more about the partnership, read the full press release.