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Young Digital Planet Partners with Knewton

Posted in Adaptive Learning on January 21, 2015 by

The transition of education products from print to digital is complex. There’s much to consider in creating, developing, and marketing innovative education products that are both technically and pedagogically sound.

It’s for this reason that we’re so excited about our partnership with digital solutions company Young Digital Planet (YDP), a Sanoma Learning Company. YDP helps education companies of all sizes build effective digital learning applications.

Building a digital learning product isn’t easy: companies often have to create new interactive content, design an engaging user interface, make sure that interface is responsive across multiple platforms, build a CMS and assessment engine, enable single sign-on integration, add social tools for users, and more. YDP can help by creating custom digital content, providing authoring tools, and hosting materials. Young Digital Planet can even create the end-to-end solution, as they also develop their own courses and content.

Young Digital Planet’s partnership with Knewton will enable education companies, content providers, and institutions to more quickly and easily build Knewton-powered adaptive courses. YDP is highly fluent in Knewton technology — they have already helped deliver functionality as part of their Sanoma Learning partnership and built an exclusive adaptive learning course demo. YDP developers and content experts can help with integration work, or create content specifically optimized for adaptivity. Publishers building new courses or redesigning existing ones can use YDP’s services to implement adaptive learning in their products in the most effective way.

Email or to check out the Knewton-powered Young Digital Planet math course demo, get started building a personalized course, or ask questions.