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Introducing Personalized Print with HP Technology

Posted in Adaptive Learning on April 2, 2015 by

The digital divide is still very real in the U.S. and around the world. Some schools are 1:1, others are lucky if they have a computer in every classroom. Students’ access to technology at home also varies widely.

Knewton’s mission is to bring personalized learning materials to all students wherever they are. But until now, it’s been impossible for students who lack consistent access to computers at school or home to benefit from adaptive learning.

It’s for this reason that we’re so excited about our new collaboration with HP. Together, we’re developing Personalized Print Learning Solutions to make Knewton-powered adaptive learning materials seamlessly available across print and digital platforms. Publishers and teachers can make print materials like textbooks and worksheets personalized for each student.

How It Works

Leveraging Knewton’s existing adaptive learning platform, publishers can use Personalized Print Learning Solutions to make digital and/or print content adaptive. Teachers can assign uniquely tailored lessons for students with only a smartphone and a printer. Imagine a teacher with a few dozen students, some of whom have computers at home and some of whom don’t. With Personalized Print, the teacher can assign a print worksheet, tagged by HP Link Creation Studio technology, that corresponds to the material she covered in class that day.

Once a student completes his work, the student or teacher can scan it with a smartphone. HP technology allows Knewton to receive the student’s responses with the simple press of a button. Just as in a Knewton-powered digital solution, Knewton adaptive learning technology analyzes the student’s answers, plus his past work, and calculates his proficiencies across all related learning concepts. Then, Knewton recommends what content the student should work on next, and suggests a new individualized content packet or textbook chapter for that student to complete for his next assignment.

Knewton’s collaboration with HP technology and their 5,000-strong global network of local print shops will enable publishers to create and deliver personalized chapters. The new “mini-textbook” can be delivered each week or as frequently as the school would like. Teachers can also print these personalized packets locally in the classroom. Students with computers can work on them online. Students who are struggling received targeted help to catch up with the rest of the class, while those who are ahead stay engaged with more challenging material.

Personalized Print opens up a whole new world of possibilities for publishers, teachers, and students. Publishers can offer personalized, made-to-order materials that are more effective and more economical than a standard one-size-fits-all textbook. Schools with tight budgets can provide the power of Knewton-powered adaptive learning to their students. Teachers can better support the diverse needs of every student in their classes. And students in all schools can access the exact learning materials they need to succeed, exactly when they need them.

For more on Personalized Print Learning Solutions, read the press release.