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Introducing Seven New Knerds

Posted in Knerds on February 26, 2015 by

L-R: Kelly Jo, Cole, Celik, David, Alexa, Cameron (missing: Jules and Jordan)

Welcome to seven new Knerds!

Cameron Wellock, from Ontario, Canada, comes to Knewton as a data scientist. He spent his PhD studying how birds learn to sing and previously worked as a data scientist for IAC. His biggest pet peeve is meetings.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Kelly Jo Reuter is a senior financial analyst. After graduating from Ohio University, she worked in finance at Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. Her favorite movie is Anchorman and her favorite month of the year is June. If she could witness any event in the past, present, or future, it would be the first official alien contact.

Celik Sismanturk joins the Systems team. He is from Columbus, Ohio; attended Ohio University; and worked as a developer for TCS before coming to Knewton. His biggest pet peeve is when the wind turns his umbrella inside out. He’s always accepting challengers in Smash Bros on Nintendo 64.


Jules Roazen joins Knewton as the VP of Adaptive Learning. He has 15 years experience on Wall Street designing and building globally distributed trading and risk management systems. Most recently he was a Managing Director at Citigroup running the Big Data Innovations team for the Institutional Clients Group. He previously worked as an adventure guide for at-risk youth and started his professional career as a full-time firefighter in the city of Toronto. He lives with his wife and three children in Brooklyn.

David Lonoff, originally from Illinois, is a digital curriculum developer on the learning team. He got his undergraduate degree from Carleton College and then went to the University of Pennsylvania for grad school. He enjoys bowling and singing. If he could witness any event in the past, present, or future, it would be the first moon landing.

Cole Romano joins Knewton’s learning team. He is originally from Brooklyn and graduated from Allegheny College. He enjoys chess, biking, drawing, and video games. His favorite book is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, and he is a huge Yankees fan who “immediately distrusts anyone wearing a Red Sox hat.”

Alexa McCue, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, officially joins the recruiting team after being on contact here for almost a year. Before Knewton, she studied international politics and Arabic at Georgetown University and then worked as an agency recruiter. Her favorite movie is Mean Girls and her favorite fast food chain is Chick-fil-A.