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October 2010 LSAT Results

Posted in Test Prep on October 14, 2010 by

After its three month summer hiatus, the LSAT is back! Many Knewton students tackled the first test of autumn this past Saturday, and then filled us in on their experience.

The test seemed to pose more hurdles this time around (more on that in a moment), but 46.9% reported it went “as expected.” And 12.5% said it was “better than expected.” 34.4% felt it went “worse than expected.” Now here’s the breakdown:

• Analytical Reasoning (a.k.a: Logic Games – the section we love to hate) won for most difficult, with 43.8% of the vote. Reading Comprehension came in second (31.3%) and Logical Reasoning was third (25%).
• 65% of students felt best-prepared for Logical Reasoning, while 28.1% were most ready to tackle Logic Games. Only 6.3% said they were best-prepared for Reading Comprehension.
• Timing wasn’t too much of an issue, with 87.5% of students managing to get to most or all of the questions.

Logic Games
• Students were split evenly on their Logic Games performance. 48.4% said it went “as expected,” while another 48.4% felt it went “worse than expected.” A small percent (3.2%) said it went “better than expected.”
• Regardless of how they felt about their performance, 100% of students said that Knewton’s strategies definitely helped on this section.

Logical Reasoning
• This section was a little less painful — 54.8% said it went “as expected.” 22.6% reported it going “better than expected.” Another 22.6% felt it was “worse than expected.”
• Parallel Reasoning won for most difficult question type, with 43.3% of the vote. Assumption came in a distant second with 20%.
• Almost everyone (96.8%) reported that Knewton’s strategies were useful for tackling this section.

Reading Comprehension
• On this second-most-difficult section, 48.4% of respondents said they had performed “as expected.” For 22.6% it went “better than expected,” while 29% felt they did “worse than expected.”
• Most difficult passage type? Natural Science, according to 44.8% of you. Social Science was second, with 27.6% of the vote; Humanities got 20.7%. And Law was a distant fourth, with only 6.9% voting it “most difficult.”
• Strategy was, overall, less crucial on Reading Comprehension, although 67.8% of students still put it to good use.

• Logic Games is the perennial favorite for “most difficult,” but students felt pretty well-prepared for it — and for the test as a whole. Almost all students — 96.8%, to be exact — said that Knewton had definitely helped prepare them for the LSAT. And 90% would recommend Knewton to a friend. Thanks guys!

Good luck with those Law School applications!