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Knewton Challenge Discussion – GMAT Problem Solving (Cello-Viola Pairs)

Posted in Test Prep on November 17, 2010 by

Here’s a tough Problem Solving question from Session 11’s QC homework. So far, 69.8% of students have missed it. How would you solve it?

Give it a shot, then share your answers, questions, and thought processes in the comments below. Remember, if you’re in our GMAT class now, add your teacher name and session to your comment (e.g., Zwelling, MW 1:30).

A certain music store stocks 800 cellos and 600 violas. Of these instruments, there are 90 cello-viola pairs, such that a cello and a viola were both made with wood from the same tree (each tree can make at most one viola and one cello, so there are no pairs other than these 90). If one viola and one cello are chosen at random, what is the probability that the two instruments are made with wood from the same tree?

[A] 3/16,000
[B] 1/8,100
[C] 3/1,600
[D] 1/90
[E] 2/45