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Countdown to Davos: TaKaDu

Posted in Knerds on January 15, 2011 by

As a countdown to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, we’re profiling all 30 of our fellow 2011 Tech Pioneer award winners. Check our full profile series to learn more.


What they do:

We need water to survive. But there’s not enough clean drinking water to go around, and a lot of what we do have is lost in the process of distribution. Aging water networks leak 25-30% of water–4.5 billion gallons per day in the U.S., to be specific. TaKaDu’s software alerts utility companies in real-time to quickly detect and repair leaks, bursts, inefficiencies, and more. As soon as there’s a problem, TaKaDu will let utility personnel know.

Why it’s cool:

We like water. In fact, we would die without it. TaKaDu gets that–which is why they’re so set on improving the efficiency of water consumption. Thanks to their efforts, a lot less water is being lost. Plus, their work also reduces energy use–always a plus!

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