• Knewton automatically calibrates learning content, transforming each piece into the best, data-rich version of itself.
  • Students using that data-rich content produce pinpoint information about what they know and how they learn best.
  • Knewton ranks each piece of content according to both how well it teaches particular students and how engaging it is.
  • Knewton bundles the best pieces of content for each student into uniquely personalized lessons that update in real time.
  • Knewton recommends the exact content and learning strategy that’s most effectively improved outcomes for very similar students.
  • The platform works better each time a student uses it, and automatically improves itself whenever anyone uses it or adds new content.

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User Testimonials
It knows my strengths and weaknesses... I wish more of my teachers used Knewton.
Noa, Rising Ninth-Grader
New Jersey
As a teacher, I am able to view each student's progress, which opens a door for another personalized connection.
Kevin, Math Teacher
It knows what you need in three seconds or less.
Olivier, Rising Ninth-Grader
New Jersey
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