Knewton Alta Calculus is mastery-based, adaptive learning courseware with detailed answer explanations, just-in-time instruction, and remediation to pre-requisite skills.

All students start on the same goal topic, working through a personalized path to mastery based on their individualized responses and needs. Gone are the days where every student gets the same basic ten problems and you hope they understand by the time they’re finished. With Knewton Alta Calculus, every student will get exactly what they need, when they need it, in order to be successful.

The data science behind our technology is designed to ensure that students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future.

The end result? Learning that lasts.


Knewton Alta Calculus Includes

  • Objective-focused, just-in-time instruction for students
  • Truly detailed answer explanations for every question
  • Granular sub-learning objectives that allow a more targeted focus on key skills
  • Desmos interactive graphs to help students visualize difficult concepts
  • Personalized remediation to pre-requisite skills based on student interactions



Detailed Answer Explanations

Answer Explanations Like You’ve Never Seen!

After every question that a student interacts with, Knewton Alta Calculus provides immediate and detailed feedback tailored to that exact question. For both correct and incorrect answers, these guided solutions are designed to mimic one-on-one instruction to reinforce key concepts and fill knowledge gaps.


Sub Learning Objectives

You have control with customizable, granular coverage of learning objectives

Success in Calculus is dependent on a wide variety of skills. Knewton Alta Calculus gives you the ability to easily assign and control the content based on the precise elements of a learning objective for students’ adaptive assignments. Controlling the learning objectives your students see ensures that your students spend their time on only the specific skills that you want them to master. Going a step further, the sub-learning objectives in Knewton Alta Calculus allow more targeted adaptive instruction, assessment, and remediation.



Desmos Interactive Graphs

Students get 'hands-on' with Desmos Interactive Graphing

Hands-on exploratory learning is critical in Calculus. With Desmos graphing assessment questions embedded in instruction, students can visualize and manipulate interactive elements for challenging topics to develop better conceptual understanding.






Accuracy for a Cause

We’ve partnered with Freedom Learning Group (FLG), an organization dedicated to helping highly educated, underemployed military families find meaningful employment. With the help of FLG, Knewton Alta Calculus is coded and tested with expertise, dedication, and precision. Collectively, we ensure student success while providing military families the opportunity to bridge the skills gap and get the recognition they deserve. Now we can all salute that! 

Freedom Learning Group