Knewton Alta is accessible and affordable adaptive that provides students with the support they need at the moment they need it. Alta’s mastery-based learning experience is personalized based on student performance and adapts in real time to ensure that students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future.

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Make Learning Personal with adaptive assignments


Knewton Alta’s adaptive experience is personalized based on student performance to provide each student their path to mastery.


Ensure Student Success with Three Lines of Defense

Knewton Alta continuously monitors students’ mastery and adapts in real-time to maximize their learning outcomes. When students struggle, Knewton Alta recognizes their knowledge gaps immediately and delivers precisely what students need at the moment they need it.

Detailed Answer Explanations


Knewton Alta provides immediate and detailed feedback tailored to each specific question, regardless of answer correctness, to empower student understanding and promote growth mindset.



Integrated Instruction


Put learning front and center for students with instructional resources that are integrated within the adaptive experience and targeted to the specific needs of each individual student.



Dynamic Remediation


Are students missing the foundational knowledge needed for success? Knewton Alta’s adaptive experience diagnoses and fills knowledge gaps by delivering refreshers that build the missing pre-requisite skills needed to master current learning objectives.



Powerful Analytics at Your Fingertips

Knewton Alta’s instructor dashboards deliver meaningful data that’s actionable, easy to review, and easy to navigate, providing insights into where students are and what they need for success.

Test Readiness Dashboards


Predictive analytics provide transparency into students’ preparedness BEFORE an exam, while offering insight into how the work students complete in Knewton Alta prepares them for, and correlates to, assessment.



Course Level Analytics


This class performance data provides transparency into how students are progressing toward mastery, allowing instructors to uncover class trends and easily identify at-risk students for early intervention.



Student Analytics


Students’ learning patterns are captured so instructors know if they struggled, used supports, or mastered it right away. This offers insights into each student’s interactions and allows for meaningful, just-in-time intervention.



Easily Create Personalized Learning Experiences That Adapt to Your Students

Create and customize adaptive assignments with the flexibility to meet the needs of your course and provide an optimal learning environment for your students.


Instructor Control


With Knewton Alta, the instructor is in control from the start. All of the content that students will see supports the learning objectives chosen for the course by the instructor, offering alignment between the course and assignments.



Customized Student Review


Knewton Alta’s Review Center provides a personalized study plan based on each student’s learning history, helping to make the connection between homework and exams.



Promote Growth Mindset


The data science behind the Knewton Alta technology is designed to ensure students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future. The end result? Learning that lasts.