Cape Fear Community College

Statistical Methods

Cape Fear Community College

Why did you choose alta?

I found alta in search of a less expensive and more adaptive software for an online statistics course. I wanted courseware that would actively “lead” students through the process of learning statistics online.

How do you use alta?

The course materials are composed of materials from alta, two labs, and a proctored final exam. Quizzes and tests in alta account for 50% of the final grade.

How did alta impact student performance in your course?

I taught this same online class during the first 8-week sessions of the 2017 and 2018 spring semesters. Percentages of A, B, C grades for completers (no W grades) were the same for both classes, 63.2%. However, the alta class had a higher percentage of A & B grades for completers than the class of 2017 (42.1%); Alta 57.9%. The proctored exam had the same percentage of A, B, C grades for both classes, 42.1%. Alta outperformed with A & B grades (31.6%) over the 2017 class (26.3%). 

Average Quiz Scores vs. alta Assignment Completion

This graph displays quiz scores for students who completed their assignments in alta and those who didn’t. Students who completed alta assignments tended to score better on quizzes by a margin of 14%.

How effective was alta in helping your students achieve proficiency?

To measure alta’s impact on student proficiency, we analyzed the results that Claude's students achieved working in alta.

Knewton's 2017 Student Data Insights

To measure alta’s impact on mastery across instructors, institutions and disciplines, Knewton analyzed the results of more than 10,000 students who used alta in 2017. The high-level findings:

  • Students using alta demonstrate proficiency by completing assignments at high rates.
  • Completing alta assignments is directly correlated with better performance on summative assessments.
  • Alta provides the biggest benefit to students who need it most.

What do you like most about alta?

I like the ease of use, creating assignments, and connection with LMS. The statistics materials in alta are excellent for an online statistics course, and the courseware is user friendly for both students and instructors.

What advice would you give instructors considering adopting alta to help get them started?

Get started earlier than I did. I decided late in the fall semester to use alta in the spring semester, giving me only 2-3 weeks between semesters to develop the course.